We live in a beautiful world where food is available for everyone(in the developed countries), you can go to the supermarket and choose between hundreds of meat products, dairy products, pre-packaged, frozen, gluten-free, low fat and so on, plus there is a choice for every preference and every pocket, and obviously if you cannot bother to go to the supermarket¦no problem¦ you can go to the take away, fast food, you can order online or go to a  fancy restaurant . . . and we all know that, right!!!

Nowadays we are all accustomed to the commodities of fast modern life, fast growing, fast eating, fast living, everything we do, we have to do it quickly, everything.the-evolution-of-obesity

In this world of abundance nothing is too much, we love the excess, more we have and more we want, and we never have enough. When it comes to nutrition or body weight matter for some of us is hard to let go some ”good” old fashioned habits for a healthier life or “better” look. Food can be the escape for someone from this overwhelming society full of prejudices and judgment, for others a good way to eliminate stress is through eating, for some of us food acts like a drug, it has the power to create endorphins in your brain thanks to the taste buds that can control your decisions like the power of sugar for example, we all know someone who cannot stop eating sweets.

Same as drugs, food has the power to promote disease, we all know what obesity is and we should all know what this condition is related to. Obesity is connected to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and also some cancers not mentioning the negative effects that has on social life like the ability to get and hold down work, negative on self-esteem, the well-being and mental health, and still nearly two-thirds of men and women in the UK are obese or overweight, according to new analysis of overweight and obesity data conducted by Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. 67% of men and 57% of women in the UK are overweight or obese according to the study and the researchers found that overweight and obesity among children and adolescents is also a growing problem in the UK.

It’s hard to change your food habits when we are surrounded by colored and appetizing advertising, offers like buy one get one for free and no food education, most of us eat to get full in a world where eating is a pleasure. Advertising for unhealthy food is everywhere. Print media, billboards, word of mouth, the Internet, merchandising and celebrity endorsement are just some of the many ways in which companies can promote their products. We have passed from the concept of fat chef and skinny diner to skinny chef and fat diner because even the chefs now cannot afford to be fat anymore.The cause of the rapid rise in obesity has been blamed on our modern lifestyles, including our reliance on the car, TVs, computers, desk-bound jobs and high-calorie food. Research has shown that we have a natural tendency to store fat – it’s a survival mechanism that helped early humans survive famine and food shortages that now goes against us. The UK currently ranks as the country with the highest level of obesity in Europe and the nutrition debate has the potential to turn very ugly. Are the individuals who eat too much and exercise too little at fault? Should we lay blame on the corporations who profit from our consumption of unhealthy foods and bad lifestyles? At other times, we tend to ignore the serious questions by laughing at the problem.obesity-latinos.png

Getting obese happens for a number of reasons. We should stop blaming people for being fat and instead support them in controlling their weight. Food manufacturers, retailers and the hospitality sector have committed to cutting down on the amount of fat, sugar and salt in popular food products, encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables, reducing portion sizes and putting calorie information on menus.

Currently, no country in the world has a comprehensive, long-term strategy to deal with the challenges posed by obesity, this trend will require society as a whole to think differently. For government and businesses, it means creating an environment that encourages healthier eating and physical activity. For individuals and families, it means eating less and moving more. We’ve all got the potential to be fat. In the environment we live in, it’s easy to overeat and be less active.

Some people need to work harder than others at keeping weight gain in check.” Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own health. We should be free to make choices about diet and physical activity for ourselves and for our families.                                                       Diets like vegan and vegetarian are becoming more popular than ever and it seems like we try to change our habits slowly for the better, to life a better life in a better world.



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