160 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DT ( 0121 369 8888 ). Meal for two £90, with drinks £125

Birmingham, UK’s second city has a diverse food culture that can be enjoyed on any budget, from Michelin starred restaurants to street-food venues and cheap eats.
Located in the Park Regis hotel on the 16th floor you can go for a cocktail or a sushi platter at Rofuto restaurant . From the reception you can feel this vibrant atmosphere followed by party lounge music, impressive bar in the center of the restaurant characterized by a dramatic asian design with a contemporary clean décor and open kitchen and yes, the place comes with a nice view from the top of the city. We arrived around 7 pm and the receptionist showed us the way to our table with “a view”.
The menu it’s described as the “The Power of Five” that combinesDSC_0593 2 Modern Japanese cuisine with Asian influence so you can choose between sushi, tempura , dim sum or particular creations like beef & foie gras gyoza with scallops shumay and mushroom spring roll . There is also a fancy cocktail list and a good wine list . We started with the Chef’s Selection Sushi Platter that combines a mix of Rofuto Futomaki and a selection of six nigiri: salmon, tuna, hamachi, sea bass, mackerel and sea bream. I personally enjoyed the Futomaki but maybe that’s because I was really hungry and the fish on the nigiry was good enough. Also I wanted something refreshing so I went for a cocktail called Yuzito, a Japanese version of mojito which was balanced in a nice way. For the style of the restaurant you would expect a high standard of service but it’s definitely not the case, waiters are carrying everything they can without even bothering using a trail, the knowledge of the menu is not there and the serving times are totally inconsistent, there seems to be no management in place. HDSC_0595.jpgowever to follow I’ve ordered the mango soft shell crab maki roll which was my favorite, there was a good harmony between the sweetness of the mango and texture of the crab which was completed by the acidity of the cucumber and the delicacy of the home made wasabi.

With the maki I’ve ordered a vegetable yakisoba and the beef and foie gras gyosa which unfortunately wasn’t up to the standards, the dumplings were extremely dry and tuff , plus the mixture inside had a cheap bloody beef flavor with a touch of foie gras and the size of those gyoza is the smallest I ever seen.

The vegetable yakisoba came first as a vegetable tempura, a mistake from the waiter and when adventually they brought it, was 35% oil and under salty plus the only flavor there was in it was the one from the vegetable oil, very disappointing.

I was reaching the end of my dinner and since I decided to go low on sugars lately we skipped desserts, we asked for the bill that hasn’t been checked because was overcharged.
There are many drawbacks with Rofuto but the main one is that it’s very expensive, the size of the portion it’s incredibly small and  they have to realize that you need something more special than a fancy looking restaurant to be able to charge a similar amount and to make people come back because after all it is a business, but for the guest is an experience.


  1. Great review! I love sushi!


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