Food and Nutrition

Back in the days

In the last 100 years the concept of food and nutrition changed dramatically. In the XIX century people used to go to farmers and buy or exchange the products they needed and usually during the year normal families would enjoy fresh seasonal products  at the table, with that the most antique techniques of food preservation were used iEP_06232015_masterpicklerecipe_hero_6x4n some circumstances such as smoking, salting, picking to preserve food for long periods of time. One hundred years ago every home used to have a cook which used to be the mother of the family(that usually bought and prepared the food), there were no fast food chains or frozen food, there was no marketing or national brands.  Back in those days there was no philosophy of food , no diets and hardly anything contained more than one ingredients, everything was just food without distinction.

In the early 1900’s food was usually sold from someone locally because it could only stay fresh for a short period of time and homegrown was common, this until 1916 when the first grocery shop was opened giving the possibility to buy more products from one place instead of going to different farmers and slowly everything changed. In the same time with the grocery shops more and more restaurants start to open giving more choice to the people for their nutrition and mothers started to have a

job and careers  so basically we went from the downloadneed of a meal to the pleasure of enjoying a meal, which actually sounds better and is better since when we eat our brain releases endorphin, but that needs to be healthy. The grocery shops gave a big push to the massive food corporations that we all know and most of us use every day but no one knew how this will eventually impact our daily routine and food habits, canned,  frozen food and ready meals slowly replaced the healthy fresh foods.


Life keeps getting faster and faster, more overwhelming and increasingly out of control, our modern lifestyles have fueled  an increasing dependence on speed1 and convenience of food, poor choices and bad habits are affecting our health. According to the world health organization there are around 350 million diabetics in the world, cardiovascular disease cause the 30% of all global deaths and malnutrition remains one of the most serious health problems. It’s no wonder, just look at the foods we are consuming each day, they’re full of sugar and chemicals because they’re often genetically modified , highly processed and stripped of nutritional benefit.  The supermarkets are overflowing with options but despite that we are poorly advised the nutrition, we are easily vulnerable to misinformation  and reliable slogans(Mc’Donalds, Coca-Cola), inaccurate health promises and colorful tempting packages are changing our relation with food and risking our wellbeing. We are bombarded by conflicted information about food, diets and supplements so how can we know what’s best for us, witch foods improve health and witch can potentially promote disease. The answear is to educate ourselves,  buy carefully, read the  label and try to make the right choices for your diet.

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